Special tips for buying the best cigar lighter

Everyone wants to buy a quality product which worth their money. A quality cigar lighter should be best fitted in hand and should produce an intense flame on ignition. As the flame is affected by wind, one would love to buy a light that will produce an intense flame that ignites the cigar mostly and adequately unaffected by wind.

The critical components of  best cigar torch are a flame torch, flame adjustment, size, weight, and ignition time, which significantly impact their performance, reliability, and ultimately on price. And one will have to focus on these points before buying a cigar lighter.

Way to find the best cigar lighter

If a person had made their mind to purchase a cigar lighter, they should remember the following points-

Type of flame It is an important consideration while looking for the best cigar torch. Generally, butane lighters are best in producing unbreakable and constant flame. There are various lighters based on the flame.

Single flame

These are considered inexpensive and general lighters and takes a longer time to burn or toast a cigar. A pure single flame is produced on the ignition. The body of lighter is sleek and light in weight.

Multiple flames

Multi flame means lighter producing double, triple, or quad flame on ignition. An increase in the number of flames higher will be the intensity of the flame, and that will lead to the quick toasting of the cigar. They are generally bulky and consume more fuel while the ignition. These are considered the best cigar lighter and are expensive to buy.

The flame height adjustment feature

This feature has undertaken the consideration because of its ability to adjust the flame height. This feature provides the safety and control of the flame. The control button is present near the thumb, which can be reached easily.

Shape, size, and weight

These are the critical area to consider while purchasing the best cigar torch. One would buy a lighter which they can hold in their hand and ignite comfortably. Lightweight torches are demanded the most because it’s easy to handle and store in a pocket. Heavy lighter is difficult to carry but is purchased by several clubs and bars.


Most people buy an inexpensive lighter instead of the costly one. Cigar torches range from US$20 to US$100, and luxury cigar lighter costs more.

Extra features

  • Warranty period: warranty period is provided by the selling company on thebest cigar torch for a certain period of time and some for even a lifetime. The warranty covers the improper working mechanism or lighter, body breakage, fuel leakage, and other problems.
  • Gift purpose: cigar lighter can be a useful Gift even for those who do not smoke. They can also be used as a showpiece on their office desk.
  • Easy refilling: once the lighter’s fuel tank is over, one can quickly refuel it by individual gas stations by paying some amount and reusing the lighter.


One can carry a cigar on their vacation and during traveling, but they are checked at specific security checks like airports.

Final touch up

Cigar torches are very useful in the daily lifestyle, even for nonsmokers, and people should consider the above information before buying a cigar lighter.

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