4 Services That You Can Expect From Your SEO Agency

When a person is hiring an SEO company, then they have a question in the back of their mind that what all they can expect. When a person enters the online market for the first time and deals with the SEO agency, they face this problem. So, here is a list of services that a person can expect from the Vietnam SEO Company. 

Finding the keywords

The SEO agency’s first task is to find the proper keywords for the website and the content. They will give a list of keywords through which most users search for the thing related to your content uses. Yes, now you can see which word or words are the most used by the visitors for searching for content like yours. After that, when the keyword is told to you, they will also let you know how you should insert the keyword?

There are many particular places where you can insert your keyword. The company will tell you all those places and insert the keyword through the best content possible. It will increase the organic reach of your website.

Proper auditing of the website 

The Vietnam SEO Company will ask you what is your website and start analyzing the aspects of the website. This analysis is called an audit. The elements they check in the audit are:-

  • Whether the speed of the website is proper or not.
  • Is the website mobile friendly?
  • At what content most of the customers are bouncing back?
  • Is there an SSL certificate attached to the website of yours?
  • Check that the website’s framing is done correctly or not based on which they will judge the user-experience.

After the audit is done, they will submit the report and tell you all the flaws in your website.

Make changes according to the strategies planned 

Now after the audit is done, then the company will suggest all the changes required. When you approve the changes seeing the results you can gain, then you will approve them. After that, they will start framing the strategies for making the changes better so that the results of your website booms. Now when the drafting of the strategies is done, they will show you everything in detail and execute all of their strategies.

They will give you reports that the changes that are made and how they have affected the results? Sometimes the results are not satisfactory then in that case, they change the strategies and again execute them till the goals are accomplished.

Advice the best tool for SEO

There is a tool that website also require above the Vietnam SEO CompanyThey will suggest to you the best tool through which you can keep an eye on the company’s working and monitor the results of the website itself.


This is the list of essential services that everyone can expect from their SEO Company. If they are looking for something more than these services, they can always ask their company to make the package changes.

Holly is focusing on Google and Yahoo. He previously worked for PandoDaily and Fortune Magazine.

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