Black Side of Nigeria with a lot Of Kidnappings

Nigeria is emerging out as a country that has increasingly rising cases of kidnappings day by day. This issue has created tension worldwide and has given a sense of insecurity among the people of Nigeria. This is because their country is looked upon as a country with a lot of insecurities and kidnappings.

Many researchers have tried to find out the causes of the problem to fully eradicate it instead of creating laws that can easily be violated if the cause is not fully solved. Naija forum mentions many factors which happen to be the most reliable source of information. People worldwide have been trying to give out possible assumptions and theories about why this is the condition of the people living in the country. Some of the causes why researchers think that kidnappings have been rising are mentioned in this article.

Possible Theories and Assumptions Why Is Kidnapping Happening in Nigeria.

  • Poverty – The primary reason for kidnappings in Nigeria is poverty. Every other person being below the poverty line is surviving very tough, and in the greed of money, people go on to options like kidnappings that are inhuman.
  • Unemployment- Youth mostly is unemployed, which makes them starve for money. An empty mind brings in a lot of dirt, leading to ill options like kidnappings and stealing things from here and there to satiate the needs.
  • Regional differences – Due to illiteracy, people don’t respect the regional differences between people and start to dominate their religion over the others and end up fighting. To win control and satiated their egos, people kidnapped kids of the other faith, which makes the other begs to undo the things, which creates a sense of ruling one over the other. People tend to follow the same kind of pattern when it comes to fighting. After fighting, the family of the person is in danger. For the rivalries, people do kidnaps which is one of the most significant and common reasons for the kidnappers to kidnap, according to the naija forum.

The kidnapping cases have created a lot of stress and tension among the country’s government as they are solely responsible for the activities happening in the countries. There are urgent communities formed regarding the awareness among people not to kidnap as it is one of the most inhuman acts and has to be abolished from the world. The world needs to know about the improvements In eradicating the causes that lead to ultimate kidnapping results, so international level communities and associations formed that channel the upgrades and put them on social media.

End words

There has been a lack of interest among people, and these kidnappings have caused trauma in people’s minds, which makes them think of every place as unsafe. The article mentions the causes of kidnappings in Nigeria. The information is accountable as it is from naija forums and can be something to rely upon. If you wish to know the deep-down causes of the hell-like situation of Nigeria with a lot of kidnappings, you can read the article above. I hope this article is helpful to you.

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