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There are many things which are essential in our life for our health, and proper nutrition is one of them. Our metabolism gets affected, we can gain weight, and even our organs like heart, the liver can get damaged by the unhealthy diet. Our skin also gets affected by this type of diet.

This is very important to take care of health by containing a properly balanced diet.

Here, are some healthy food to keep our skin glowing:

  1. Fatty fish: Omega-3 fatty acid is the essential nutrient to keep the skin thick and moisturized. It also prevents skin from dryness. It also reduces inflammation which can cause redness and acne. The fatty acid is found in fishes like salmon, herring, etc. and these fishes are also the rich sources of vitamin E, which play an essential role as an antioxidant for our skin.
  1. Walnut: This is the food which contains fatty acid, omega-3, omega-6, zinc, selenium and all of them are essential for our body as they prevent our skin from getting inflamed, healing wound, fight back with bacteria.
  1. Sweet potatoes: They are an excellent source of beta carotene which worked the same as Vitamin A in our body. Beta Carotene acts like natural sunblock for our skin to keep it healthy and glowing. This also prevents our skin from dryness, wrinkled skin, cell death, etc. Sometimes a high amount of beta carotene adds a touch of orange color in our skin and makes an overall healthier appearance of our skin.
  1. Broccoli: This food is filled with nutrients like zinc, vitamin a, and vitamin C, lutein, sulforaphane which contribute differently in our body. Lutein helps to prevent our skin from oxidative damage which generally results in dryness and wrinkled skin. Whereas sulforaphane acts like a protective agent for our skin against sun’s UV radiation which can cause diseases like skin cancer as it neutralizes toxic free radicals of skin. According to experts, sulforaphane also maintains the collagen level in our skin.
  1. Dark chocolate: Here is the one more excuse to eat chocolate as it results in hydrated and thicker skin if we consume it regularly for 6-12 weeks. So the effect of cocoa is quite phenomenal. Dark chocolate also acts like a super antioxidant towards ultraviolet rays of the sun if a person consumes 20 grams of dark chocolate daily. It also shows improvements in wrinkled skin. But for all these effects you should make sure to eat dark chocolate with 70% cocoa to increase the benefits because it has less sugar content.

Whatever you eat will affect your skin, whether in a positive manner or in negative and all this depends on the food you choose to add in your diet. For glowing skin, make sure that you will consume all the essential nutrients to prevent your skin from different problems like UV rays, allergies, and many more. The foods on the list are always a great option to always keep your skin hydrated, glowing, and attractive.

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