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Are you planning to begin your career in the chemical field? Then this article is for you and reads it to the end. If you are interested in science, then choosing chemistry would be the best option for your future. Have you ever thought what would be the role for you after you had completed the particular course?

Now you might be confused about the job profile, career opportunities, requirements, skills, and responsibilities needed for the chemical research.

Who is a chemical researcher?

First, chemistry is one of the branches in science whose job is to investigate the matter in the level of atoms and molecules. Chemical researcher’s main work is to examine the chemical components and their interactions between other compounds. They got a wide range of job opportunities in different types of industries like cosmetics, electronics, and pharmaceutical companies.

What are the daily tasks of a chemical researcher?

Once you become a chemical researcher, you will be expected to do some task as

  • Working in the laboratory as a team.
  • Conduct tests and experiments using the lab equipment.
  • Data recording and analyzing.
  • Reporting to the senior staff.
  • Assisting the junior staffs and other laboratory assistants.
  • Writing papers, reports, and reviews.

What is the qualification needed for the research field?

The chemical research filed requires a bachelor’s degree program or master’s degree with a Ph.D. They should also have excellent knowledge in the field of mathematics and physics. It will be considered a plus if the candidate has experienced handling high technological equipment. Apart from this, the person should be aware of the safety procedure to be carried out in the research lab.

The chemical research doesn’t only depend on the chemistry course; they are also eligible with other disciplines including biochemistry, neurochemistry, nuclear chemistry, and theoretical chemistry.

What are the skills of Chemical researchers?

Some of the skills required for the profile are:

  • Excellent leadership and decision-making quality.
  • Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), Good Laboratory practices (GMP), Standing Operating Procedures (SOP).
  • Exceptional communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Knowledge of reading and understanding technical reports and presentations.
  • Great attention to detail.
  • Work with minimal assistance.
  • Precise and accurate analysis.
  • Organization and time management skills.
  • Able to handle work with tight deadlines.

What are the responsibilities of chemical research?

  • Synthesizing new particles
  • Analyze those particles and preparing the data
  • Do the la work to improve the existing components
  • Design new models to test the fact of theories.
  • Carry out formulations in the laboratory.
  • Detect the physical and chemical properties of the substance.
  • Find the primary application of content by detecting the basic properties
  • Check the quality of the material.
  • Predict the composition, structure, interactions and reactions of the compounds.
  • Carry out chromatography, spectroscopy and other techniques for advanced research.
  • Prepare technical result papers.
  • Communicate with customers and suppliers to determine the demand for the product.

What are the fields for chemical research?

  • Chemical companies.
  • Environmental pollution control.
  • Pharmaceutical companies.
  • Food and beverage manufacturers.
  • Academic field.
  • Government and private laboratories.
  • Consumer goods production.

If you possess all the above skills and works like Chemical R&D companies like Lizard Labs then there is a bright future waiting for you especially in 2021 Chemical research is always leading the world into discoveries, and it will be the solution to many problems. It had a broad scope from increasing food production to promoting the environment, which all aids for a better life for humans.


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We often fail to achieve healthy diet goals. Our Instagram feeds are filled with fatty food images and recipes. And it’s tough to overcome the urge to eat a dessert even after a full course meal.

So it’s high time that you care about what you eat? And how does that unhealthy food habit adversely affect your healthy life?

What are unhealthy eating habits?

Unhealthy diets or eating habits include increased intake of fatty/greasy food, milk products, sweet foods and highly flavoured/preserved food items. Our food habits become unhealthy, through fewer intakes of required food items.

These unhealthy diets can lead you to diabetes, obesity, heart disease and even deadly cancer.

What are the most common and harmful four eating habits?


Late to wake up, and in the morning hurry, we get barely less time to eat. Not only at homes, at workspaces too. We get minimum time to eat. Often we try to gobble the food. It isn’t right. The faster you eat, the fatter you become.

Many people wish to eat food fast, demanding it to be eaten warm. Eating is not only the process done by mouth or the rest of the digestive system. The brain plays a pivotal role in signalling. The brain is equipped in a way that it won’t signal that you are full until it reaches 15- 20 minutes after one has started eating.

By the time the brain has signalled, you might have ended up eating more than required!

This causes obesity.


*Always eat slowly and do not attack your food ravenously!

* It’s important to make smaller bites and chew the food thoroughly.


Burger, pizza, French fries, tacos, desserts etc. have become part and parcel of our life. Kids today can’t even imagine a world without junk food. Junk food has become addictive because it causes the brain to release feel-good chemicals.

The effects of regular intake of junk food are obesity, diabetes type-2, cardiovascular disease etc. the primary cause is that these food items contain higher calories and lower nutrients.


*pre-plan all your meals, so that you don’t end eating junk food.

* Reduce the intake of the favourite snacks once or twice a week.


The continuous snacking has become a big problem among kids and youngsters. They often tend to snack always. At the same time, watching movies, reading or even working. The Instagram feeds made night time snacking a trend; it can be due to restricted or less intake during day time.

It can cause poor digestion, poor mental health, weight gain and increased blood pressure.


* Proper schedule time for wake up and sleep

*do not skip daily meals

*Goo for healthy snacks

*Lock the kitchen


Breakfast is the most important meal and mainly skipped one. The morning multitasking often doesn’t give us time to have a healthy breakfast.

When a meal is being skipped, the metabolism slows down, and the body doesn’t get the energy for the entire day. It also leads to obesity.


* wake up early so that you don’t skip your breakfast

 *Go for yoghurt, fruits or smoothies.

Make sure that you don’t follow these unhealthy food habits.


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