10 Poker Hands you must know before Start playing

In poker, There are five sets of playing cards, which are called hands. Every hand has a rank, which is compared to other participants’ hands, which shows who will win the pot.  In poker and games like judi slot online, there are several hands that you need to know before playing.

Top 10 poker hands –

  1. Royal flush hand – Royal flush valued the highest poker hand while playing poker. This will go to deal when your competitors have a valued upper hand, that’s the Royal flush hand. The side consists of 5 cards: the ACE King, Queen, Jack, and ten cards, and if it is a Royal flush, they all must be in the same suit.
  2. Straight flush – This is another significant and robust hand while playing poker. It will be accessible when you are playing poker next time or in a line based environment. This hand contains five cards on a consecutive basis, and they all must be in the same suit. If the tickets are on the same suit but not all consecutive, it will lead to a lower flashcard.
  3. Four of a kind – If you are playing poker and have little bit knowledge of poker hands, then you will know about this hand. This hand contains four matching cards, such as four and five, along with any other card. This is a steady hand unless the player comes across a player who has a Straight flush or Royal flush card.
  4. Full House – While playing poker, you get to come across Full house hand. This hand is made up of three kinds of hand and one pair. This is the hand that as soon as you form it, you are in an ethical and stable position as compared to others.
  5. Straight Hand – Straight hand is known as the mid-range poker hands which you are always going to deal with it by playing poker. This hand contains five cards, which are all consecutive.
  6. Flush Hand – If you come across any card which consists of five cards and they all are of the same suit, that means you have a flush hand. Flush hand cards must be nonconsecutive, and if it is consecutive, then that card came under straight flush, and that is a firm hand.
  7. Three of a kind – You have to form a three of a kind hand while playing poker. This hand deal with two unmatched cards and three similar cards. It will give you many pots due to its strength.
  8. Two pair Hand – If you have any two matching cards and any third unmatched card in your hand, that is known as Two pair hand.
  9. One pair -As soon as you get three unalike cards but two cards that are alike, that is called one pair hand. The value of this card depends upon the two matching cards. This card can be risky also.
  10.  High card – This is the hand that you are not want to play. A top card contains five tags must be nonconsecutive. For Example, eight, ten, six, four, and two are some Ten valued high card hand.


So, while playing poker, there is a lot of decision making about hands to become successful players in poker.

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